Frequently Asked Questions

So, what's the story again?

We're dog owners who found themselves confused at the current offering in the industry. Why are beef and chicken the primary proteins when they are the most common food allergens? Aren't these proteins terrible for the planet and aren't we rapidly approaching the threshold for farmable land and resources? In short: is there a way we can make this category better?

So, that's we created Arch to develop a clean answer for these questions. As a company, we hold a few things close to our heart, and hopefully yours:

  • For the good health and wellbeing of our companion(s).
  • Showing our pride in being a part of a sustainable solution for our planet.
  • Offering service and solutions that will leave you pleasantly surprised and wanting to come back.
How did you formulate your recipes?

We worked with specialized veterinarian nutritionists and a team of pet consumable consultants to create recipes that are excellent for your dog while also achieving our goal of removing as many allergens as possible in our treats and food.

What's in your treats?

Take a look at our ingredients; we show every single thing we use in all of our products there.

How long do Arch treats and food last?

Our eco-friendly packages show a “best by” date that is printed on the bag. We’ve created our product to withstand an 18 month period for you to enjoy the treats with your companion.

Where do you make your treats and food?

U-S-A! U-S-A! In all seriousness, we are proud to have our treats produced in several facilities across the USA.

how do I go about making a return?

Get in touch with us via woof@archpetfood.com let us know what you’re looking to get taken care of and we’ll be on it as soon as possible. The following information would be most helpful. 

1. Order Number

2. Date of Purchase

3. Reason for Return

Read the full policy here!

Looking for something not answered here?

Please email us at hello@archpetfood.com