dog treats.


All good stuff, no yuck.

Howdy! We’re Arch. We want to take the guesswork out of buying food or treats for your pet, so made them good for your dog and good for the planet. No weird by-products or fillers here. Did we mention they’re also Free of 7 Common Food Allergens? V cute.

  • Wonder Protein

  • Clean Label

    Simple Ingredients

  • Food Allergy Friendly

    Free of 7 common allergens

  • Pro-Planet

    Less land & water use; less greenhouse emissions

Breezy loves her Arch treats; she knows when we're cracking open the bag and is right there to show off her tricks for a delicious reward.

Noelle R, Los Angeles

For a picky (and allergic) dog, these treats are WONDERS.

Gabe H, Chicago

I've been enjoying watching Maxine eat Arch's skin and coat health treats, she loves them, and I love hearing how beautiful her coat looks when we go for walks in the city.

Andrew R, Chicago

Our dog Loaf really loved the Better Biscuits! He doesn’t have the best recall, but when we have these he is VERY attentive and interested. Lots of lip licking too! He’s a big fan and we’re almost out - so we’ll buy them again soon.

Maya M, Chicago

My dog loved these - enthusiastically gobbled them up and immediately started begging for more.

Bert W, Washington, DC