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Howdy! We’re Arch. We want to take the guesswork out of buying food or treats for your pet, so we made them good for your dog and good for the planet. No weird by-products or fillers here. Did we mention they’re also free of 8 Common Food Allergens?

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Our Superpower: Crickets

  • -Amazingly sustainable

  • -A natural superfood

  • -Food allergen friendly

Crickets consume exponentially less water than beef (1:2000), chicken (1:600), and even soy proteins (1:3). They require less feed and land for growth and can even be grown vertically! Studies have also shown that cricket farming substantially reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses when compared relatively to cattle or pigs. Lastly, crickets are fantastic eaters. At farms across the world, crickets devour organic waste (like banana peels and rice bran) which keeps their footprint at a minimum.

Per gram, crickets provide more protein than any of the more common proteins, including lamb, beef, fish, and chicken. Crickets contain all 10 essential amino acids including taurine, commonly missing in plant-based proteins, making them a complete protein for dogs. They're also full of nutrients, including vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Counterintuitively, many of the most popular ingredients in conventional dog foods are the most common food allergies to dogs (beef, soy, chicken). In contrast, insects are an unlikely food allergen for dogs (though it’s not impossible, thought to be around 2%) and our products contain no gluten, soy, or dairy; there’s no wonder why many think insects are the perfect solution for the dog with hay fever.

dog enjoys a piece of nutritious treat on a hike
dog asking for a cricket treat
dog waiting to eat a delicious, nutritious biscuit inside the package held by a hand
  • Wonder Protein

  • Clean Label

    Simple Ingredients

  • Food Allergy Friendly

    Free of 7 common allergens

  • Pro-Planet

    Less land & water use; less greenhouse emissions