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Silver Carp For Cats

Treats for Cats
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  • Made in the US
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Perfect for dogs with Food Allergies

If you're like most pet parents, you want the absolute best for your four-legged friend. In addition to focusing on creating recipes that are easy to understand while making your pet’s health our top priority.

For our Silver Carp treat, we're utilizing an invasive fish species to make a delicious, single ingredient dehydrated treat. Silver Carp, also known Asian Carp or copi, is a nutritious top-feeding fish, free of common chemicals and metals often found in bottom feeders.

The trouble with Silver Carp is that it doesn't naturally belong in our ecosystems and is causing ecological havoc on our waterways in the Midwest. Consuming our treats is a great way your cat can help save the planet! 


Copi [Silver Carp]

    Silver Carp For Cats
    Silver Carp For Cats
    • Wonder Protein

      Made from Crickets

    • Clean Label

      Simple Ingredients

    • Food Allergy Friendly

      Free of 7 common allergens

    • Pro-Planet

      Less land & water use; less greenhouse emissions

    Why do we use crickets?

    Food allergen friendly

    Crickets have proven to be a hypoallergenic protein for pups. In addition we avoid common allergens for pups like beef, chicken, soy, dairy, egg, and gluten.

    Amazing source of protein

    Crickets beat traditional proteins in almost every metric. When it comes to protein Crickets are 65% protein by make up and contain more protein per gram than chicken.

    Sustainable AF

    Crickets are more sustainable than most vegetables and we we compare them to traditional proteins the numbers are astonishing. Crickets use exponentially less water and land than beef or chicken to produce.

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