Happy first anniversary to Arch, a dog food and treat brand committed to quality, inclusivity, and sustainability.

The Launch of the Arch-ives (and Happy Birthday to Arch!)

One year ago, Arch was formed as a solution to the problems plaguing a group of new pet owners and friends. Questions like, what's best for my furry friend, nutritionally or for their digestion? Why are chicken and beef meals in by-products in almost everything, particularly when they are two leading food allergens for dogs? And, lastly, is there way to answer these questions responsibly and sustainably? 

We didn't find a clear answer. The pet consumable space is full of half-truths (like sustainably-caught salmon) and marketing claims, at the expense of pet owners everywhere. We also came to realize that these questions plague nearly all new pet parents. So, we formed Arch, developing a product that checks a few simple boxes:

  • High Quality. The treats and food had to utilize healthy and delicious ingredients that were easy-to-understand and available at our local grocer.
  • Inclusively-designed. We teamed up with vets and pet food consultants to formulate products that avoid major allergens and sensitivities, which are prevalent in so many dog and cat products. 
  • Sustainable. From packaging to ingredients. There's no reason why we should be feeding our pets beef and chicken from factory farms when lower impact alternatives are readily available. 

To support the average pet owner or enthusiast, we're launching the Arch-ives, a series of articles chronicling our team's pets encounters with food sensitivities and poor digestibility, how we came to choose individual ingredients and proteins, and a few summaries on pet health, the pet consumable ecosystem, and best practices. We might even post a few personal anecdotes and entrepreneurial tales when time permits. 

With that, thank you for reading our first blog post and being an early supporter. On behalf of all of us at Arch, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you for choosing to support us in the early days of our business. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your best friend(s)! 

We promise to continue providing the highest quality products to meet your needs, with the same three basic concepts that launched the brand. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts: the road ahead is long but the motivation to make a meaningful impact on the health of pups and the planet is worth it.

Love from our family to yours, 

The Arch Team

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